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little mod post.

You should add the following members to your list. I don't know how to make one of those friends update buttons, where you just type in your user name and everyone is added. If someone does know how maybe they can help? But for now just Add the following members to your list Prophecyofhope, lastJediMaster, padme_amidala2, Iamthesenate, purplesaberjedi you should also have all the communities added too. I know this place is small right now but I hope to get more members and get a layout set up for the ooc and rpg journal. I am going to make a contact list, I already know Padme's contact. I just need to get Mace players contact info. I will post it and it will be friends locked, so that way if you don't want others knowing your contact thats cool with me. Its just good to have a way to contact in case we need to get a hold of you for some reason. And if there are any plot suggestions, you can reply here with them. We would love to hear them, as we don't really have any set plots right now.
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