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starwoocrp's Journal

Star Wars Out of character Role Play
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OK this is where you request your characters and discuss the plot and other out of character things for the starw_rp. There are only a few simple rules and it would be hard not to follow them..


1. CHARACTER JOURNALS ARE A MUST!!!! After you are approved go make a new journal and comment back on my approval comment with your new journal then join the rp.
2. No NC17 Crap....If it's going to be 'PG13' or 'R' rated put it behind a lj cut with an appropriately marked rating.
3. No killing and or talking for other characters. (Just don't do it)
4. HAVE FUN!!!
5. No net speaking please. ( I dun wanna c this on ur posts or comments)
6. Original characters are accepted. Just fill out the application below.
7. Stay in character. If you want to make and out of character post this is the place to do it!
8. Be polite. Please don't fight....I really can't handle that. Thanks!!

Application for Original Characters.
Your Email:

Their Name:

Their Age:


Light or dark side (if jedi your rank):

Family, friends, small backround: (This doesnt have to be long...A few sentences to get to know the person is fine)

(Just post that in the community and I'll check it out)

Application for movie character

Your Email:

Name of character:

relations to people:

light or dark side (If jedi your rank):

ok just submit which ever application you need to and the roleplay shall begin!!